The Red Geranium


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Susan Dean

Susan Dean is already well known to friends of Decani Music. Now she reveals another talent, and emerges as an author. This collection of nineteen stories is her first publication, although her first published story appeared in 1981 and several others, including the title story of this book, have been included in anthologies in recent years.

The stories are all different but – apart from two ghost stories – they are all rooted in real situations, and show the powers of shrewd observation of someone who is fascinated by people. The settings range from Norfolk to France, Madeira and Cuba. Some are simple descriptions, like the elation of seeing an otter. Some depict the complicated relations between men and women.  The title story is about how for a homeless woman a red geranium in a pot can be home. There is hope even in the most tragic situations

There are uplifting stories, humorous ones, harrowing ones, but no dull ones in this enjoyable first collection.

Little Ouse Press.

172 pages, paperback. £5.99. ISBN  978-1-900 314-27-5